We’ve been bringing beautiful bathrooms to life in the greater Brisbane area for over 13 years. We are honoured to be welcomed into every home we work in, so we settle for nothing less than excellence when renovating your Brisbane home.

We’ll build your bathroom in under 28 days or you take $1,000 off the price.

That’s right!
No-one wants to be living without a bathroom for weeks on end, dealing with delays and no shows.
We coordinate all the tradespeople to ensure your project runs efficiently, with minimum fuss, returning your home to normal in 28 days or less*

Don’t think we compromise on quality or design!

BrisWest are leaders in innovation & excellence.

We’re dedicated to delivering beautiful home and bathroom renovations of the highest quality construction, while adhering to all building codes and laws. Whether your bathroom is BIG OR SMALL, needing a makeover or a complete rebuild, renovating is easy with BrisWest Renovations.

Industry standard demands builders warranty bathrooms for structural and waterproofing works of 6 years 6 months. We are pleased to offer a 10-year warranty.

Terms & Conditions Apply* please contact us for more info.

Updating your bathroom makes you feel happy, fresh and luxurious.

When the renovation starts to take shapeand you can see it all coming together, you’ll feel **, secure and happy to know it’ll be ready for you just days from now!

Bespoke bathroom designs tailored to your individual style

Don’t put up with a one-size fits all approach to bathroom renovation – you need a tailored design to maximise your use and enjoyment.

Personal Project Manager on call every step of the way

We know it’s easy to become frustrated during a bathroom renovation so our Project Manager is here for you to provide ongoing advice &support for you if you have questions or feel like things aren’t happening the way you expected.

Our Painfree Process
…so you know what to expect.

Every project is unique and has some differences in the process, but we always start with our core process steps.


Using accurate measurements of everything in your bathroom, we consider all your needs, including your budget, to conceptualise a bespoke and innovative space that will delight you.


Our designers will advise you how to select bathroom fixtures and fittings that complement each other, your taste and your budget. We can also help you choose the finishing touches for bathroom styling.


Every member of our qualified renovation team is committed to meet specified timeframes and provide excellent workmanship. We are mindful of the occupants in your home and provide regular communication during the construction phase.

Sounds easy?
It’ll feel like that too!

Our end goal is to present a bathroom that not only delights but is expertly-built for you to enjoy for many years to come.

The bathroom of your dreams is within your grasp!

Chances are you’ve been saving your hard-earned cash for some time, researching, planning and budgeting to make your dream bathroom happen.

From dull and dated to fresh & beautifully You, we’ll look after you every step of the way.

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Here’s what our customers are saying…

The BrisWest PROMISE

Our promise to you is simple.
From conceptual design to project completion,
YOU are always at the centre of the process.
We will build you a beautiful bathroom of the highest quality, on time and on budget.

Pete Evans – Owner & Lead designer of BrisWest Renovations


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Bathroom Renovations

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Full Home Renovations

What else sets us apart from our competitors?

Our business revolves around our customer. We are transparent and honest with our clients in providing expert advice. This respect also extends to other professionals in our industry.



During the renovation process, our clients and their homes are treated with the utmost respect, and every project is handled with precision, quality and care. 

The BrisWest difference is simple.

We renovate every home as if it were our own home



BrisWest’s mission is to make the renovation process as seamless as possible, by handling everything from start to finish.

Our clients are busy people. They want a fully qualified project manager to ensure their renovation will be completed to their satisfaction, on time and on budget.

We listen to you, define every detail, then do.



We pride ourselves on our unbiased approach to your bathroom design. This means we listen to your needs, define your vision and recommend the best products for quality and price.



From layout, clever storage, surfaces, fixtures and finishes, BrisWest has the latest and greatest bathroom renovation solutions.

A qualified interior designer will equip you with confidence, knowing your final selections complement the overall design and will add value to your home.

Are we speaking your language?

Leave us your details for a free in-home consultation.

You can count on integrity, quality and service when you choose BrisWest Renovations.

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Talk soon. – Pete

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